As someone who has been on both sides I can tell you that the coaches fully appreciate the gravity of the situation and what it means to the kids and families. You should know that every one involved on our end has been through this as a parent or player many times and we get it. We remind each other to never forget what is was like when we were in your shoes. We know their will be joy for some and disappointment for others and while we know that our anxiety in these evaluations cannot compare to yours, we do not relish disappointing anyone. Many of you are at our rink or another multiple times a week nearly year round and we appreciate every family and player regardless of their current skill level. The coaches will be ore than happy to share their thoughts on your player performance with you if you contact them.

Mites Team

Arsyon Owen

Ben Colvin

Daniel Degree

Giovanni Giannetti

Hunter Garma

Jack Heaton

Jake Gianoutsos

Kamalei Kalili

Kendrick Nardone

Luckas Casiello

Maddox Agius

Matthew Coda

Maximus Boswell

Nash Curnutt

Nathaniel Sevilla-Tran

Nicholas Tarantino

Niko Valentini

Noah Barreto

Rook Landahl

Sebastian Parra

Vigo Jackson

Thank you for your participation in the 2022 Storm Mite tryouts. We are very appreciative to all of you for the support of our program. The overwhelming number of players who came to tryouts is truly humbling. We had 95 Squirt players with only 50 player slots available. All of the players worked hard and put their best effort forward making the decision process very difficult for all of us involved in the evaluation process. Once again THANK YOU!