Hello Storm Family and Future Storm Players,

As this season winds down, we are thrilled with all the positive feedback about our program and would like to thank you all for making it what it is to this day. Without our amazing athletes and families, this doesn’t happen.

We are rapidly approaching the end of the season and wanted to provide an update on our plans for tryouts and future programs. We have had a difficult decision to make based on the recent news that VJGK will be holding tryouts this April. Our Storm staff has come to the decision that we will instead hold our tryouts the week of June 1st for multiple reasons which will be detailed in this letter.

This decision has been made because it is what we believe is BEST FOR THE KIDS.

        Based on the Athletic Development Model by USA Hockey (ADM), Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD), and our Storm Development philosophy, we believe that this will lead to increased longevity and passion for our amazing sport. 

       Hockey is classified as a Late Specialization Sport, meaning it takes a longer period of time for hockey players to develop the proper skills and knowledge to master the sport. We believe that having tryouts prior to Spring and Summer doesn’t allow kids time to grow, gain strength, increase speed, and mature as athletes before tryouts. 

        Overtraining and burnout are very common in youth sports, especially hockey. By pushing our tryouts later, we allow for our athletes to train their individual skills, but even more importantly, it allows them time for a break from the team setting. We encourage all our athletes to develop in other ways during the off season. Activities such as playing other sports, spending time with family, or engaging in other activities allow for a more balanced growth as not only an athlete, but as an individual. 

      Lastly, we feel that this time for development gives the kids an opportunity to give them-selves a better chance to make the team that they want. This time for development in all aspects can make a huge difference and we want that each athlete to have the opportunity to represent the work they put in come try out time.

As many of you know we have initiated a “Spring Program” designed for age-specific player development. This will provide our players to opportunity to learn and grow different parts of their game before tryouts and heading into the fall season. Spring Program begins the week of April 12th and runs for 6 weeks and is open to ANYONE interested in trying out for the Storm Program.

We have devised this as a long-range plan that we will follow going forward. First, players participate in Storm Spring Program, which is followed by divisional scrimmages led by our Storm coaching staff. This also allows the Storm coaching staff to better get to know the players they will be selecting as opposed to a brief view at tryout time.

Our intent is that this model allows you to make the decision that is best for your child and their continued development. If your desire is to be part of the Storm, we will be fielding teams at every age level. This season we had eight travel and tournament teams and expect that number to grow for the upcoming season. Even with the challenge that the Covid-19 pandemic presented, we believe that we have provided an enjoyable experience this season with a variety of scrimmages, games, and tournaments for all of our teams. Based on the feedback that we have received from families both within the Storm organization and outside, we are projecting as many as 14 teams for the upcoming season allowing us to accommodate families  whose players are ready for and willing to make the commitment to Travel Hockey and would like to be a part of the program. 

Meet David Glen


I want to take the time to introduce all of you to one of our newest additions at Las Vegas Ice Center, Las Vegas Storm and Next Level Hockey, David Glen. I have known David since he and my son Kenny Brooks were united as friends and line mates on the Penn State Division I Hockey Team. We have a saying here at Las Vegas Ice Center "Building champions on and off the ice". No one could be a better example of this than David Glen. I'm sure you will agree after watching the attached video. I would be overjoyed if I had a young child learning the game of hockey, to have David as a role model and positive influence on my child. I know because he has been a great friend and positive influence on my son, Kenny Brooks.  




Kenny  Brooks

Director of Storm Hockey
Player Development
Squirt A Coach

David Glen

Storm Coach-in-Chief Storm Squirt A Coach Director of Shooting Development

Brittney Brooks 

goalie coach
executive administrator
girls head coach and girls player development

PJ Musico
 coach storm mite  A 
Director Of off
ice development, 
Goalie Coach

Cody Incollingo

head coach JV Team 
mite developmenT

Nick Brusa

Assistant Director Of Player Development,

Director Of Mite Development,

Mite/Pewee Team Coach

Tara Nilles

Head Coach Storm Bantams
Director of house League

Cody Castro

Storm  Coach
JV Team
Head Coach Mite Tournament Team